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AC Palm Springs, CA

Air Conditioning
We have a staff of expert air conditioner specialists in Palm Springs who are ready to talk to you with your next air conditioning installation or repair!
Heating Service
Have your heating systems in Palm Springs, CA repaired, installed, and maintained by the experts at All About Air before the temperatures drop.
System Maintenance
All About Air offers affordable and professional air conditioner services in Palm Springs for all types of air conditioning and heating systems.
HVAC Services
All About Air believes that the benefits of a routine HVAC maintenance schedule will keep your HVAC systems running properly.


Don’t wait until right after your air conditioning unit quits running to give us a call. Our air conditioner and installation service help keep your unit working efficiently when it's needed most. We are all about air, literally, and that we have been in the business of keeping people cool and comfortable over twenty five years. With regards to air conditioner in Palm Springs we have some of the highest quality HVAC technicians in the industry.

Palm Springs offers a warmer climate all year round, and although for a few this is basically the ideal living condition, it can wreak havoc on air conditioning units. All About Air incorporates a staff of licensed, insured, and professional qualified professionals who definitely are proficient in all aspects of air conditioning technology, and we are available Round the clock, Seven days a week for emergency air conditioner in Palm Springs. Our purpose is to keep our consumers happy, and we have attained many renowned awards through the years to prove it.

We've been more than just an air conditioner service. We supply new installation, maintenance, repairs, and air quality control. We provide you with air conditioner within Palm Springs and new installation for many of the following units:

  • Trane
• Lennox
• Maytag
• Ruud
• Amana
• York
• Carrier
• G.E.


These are typically some of the brand names that we offer installation and air conditioner. Additionally, we service several other big brands. To get a cost-free estimate for a new unit while we are on a service call for your air conditioner, we are going to thoroughly calculate the square footage of your home, select which room' will require more or less air-flow with different systematic approach, and see the most beneficial size unit your property will require. If you discover you are regularly making calls for air conditioner in Palm Springs, it might be your unit is either too small, outdated, or it can be something as simple as switching the thermostat to the appropriate spot.

Most units are designed to last up to 15 years; if your unit is older, then it might be time for you to replace it. Our air conditioner technicians will be able to identify the best approach to keeping your home comfortable. They attend ongoing HVAC workshops and classes so that you can stay on top of the latest technology obtainable in air conditioner, maintenance, and installation. There is a science associated with the appropriate installation of your unit, and also this can considerably cut down on the amount of air conditioner in the future.

Installing a completely new unit could help you save money in the future on energy costs which enables it to reduce air conditioner on an older unit. Routine upkeep will also cut back on service calls for your air conditioner in Palm Springs. Ask our air conditioner technician about an Cost effective unit. There might be tax credits readily available for new installations up to December 2013 for energy related improvements in your house. Next time you require us for air conditioner in Palm Springs, make sure and ask our knowledgeable technician the best way to become more energy efficient so you can spend less on your utility costs in the future.

AC Reviews

Our boilers are 40% more efficient than conventional boilers so you save money and that makes you feel warm inside.

With Dave from Lennox

I was having issues with one of my S30 iComfort thermostats in that it would not connect to the wi-fi in the house. Saw that it had not received the 3.20 s/w update. So I forced the update to load. This was on the 6th of October 2016. Now I find that the wi-fi connection is working but the cooling mode does not. Heat does work in auto or manual mode. But cooling doesn't. Any chance this problem is attributable to a corrupted s/w download from the Lennox server? My dealer indicates that has been a problem recently with some of his customers, but affected the heating mode. If so how would I get an uncorrupted version of the s/w to load?

You don't do the same thing every day, why would your system? Our heating and cooling systems adapt to your schedule to save you money.

The key to adaptation is flexibility and our systems work seamlessly with your lifestyle so all you feel is comfort.

The change in season means lower power bills because if you're like us, our system is mostly off and our windows are open. We also use this "down" time to have our HVAC system checked and serviced for the upcoming Winter months. Lennox recommends twice a year maintenance checks on your system. Visit their link below for more Pre-Winter Maintenance Tips, and follow them on Facebook, too. #ad


All About Air offers 24/7 HVAC services, including AC repair and furnace repair, at an affordable price to the Coachella / Palm Springs area. We guarantee complete satisfaction with our services and we specialize in providing professional, experienced solutions for a wide variety of air conditioner brands. We know how valuable your time is and we look forward to helping you get your schedule back to normal.